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DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians explores the lesser known personas of some of the world’s most notable childhood legends including Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman and the latest inductee, Jack Frost.

Jack personifies childhood joy and mischief. The Snowball fight video, with over 4 million views and counting, features Jack in perfect form kicking off a snowball fight with neighborhood kids and a few of North’s elves.

Together with DreamWorks Animation we came up with a custom build animation that would attract more people to the custom YouTube channel featuring Jack Frost in a snowball fight.

Those who follow the prompt to “Visit the North Pole” enter the world of North’s workshop. This custom YouTube channel lets users explore the extensive world of the Guardians through trailers, clips, drawing tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

Type : Youtube Experience, Feature
Client : DreamWorks Animation
Agency : Ignition Interactive
Role : Art Direction


Creative Director : Evan DeHaven
Art Director : Nick Boes
Designer : Alvin Groen
Sketch Artist : Jason Badower
Copywriting : Spencer Donald
Animation : Alvin Groen
Developer : Matt Webster, Matthew Goshman


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As intro for the custom YouTube channel we've made a YouTube takeover where North welcomes you to his workshop with some of his pesky elves. After you've entered the YouTube channel random animations will pop up from time to time and each character specific video will trigger even more unique animations.

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