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MGM Resorts: Entertainment Booking

A modernized experience fit for Vegas.


MGM Resort’s direct booking experience for its wide range of entertainment offerings was losing a lot of traffic to external booking sites where a portion of revenue had to be shared. Shifting booking traffic to MGM’s direct booking experience would be an instant win and increase in revenue - without any change in attendance. The experience needed to be completely overhauled to make it easy to book on the go or while planning at home. 

We redesigned the booking experience from the ground up creating clear, uncluttered steps to select seats, paying close attention to a simple but elegant mobile experience that puts the guest in control no matter where they are. 

MGM Resorts International

2020 - 2021


Design Lead, Animation


1: Mobile First

Creating an Elegant Mobile Experience

The previous mobile experience was inefficient and cumbersome for guests to use, resulting in almost no mobile conversion. We knew going into this project that focusing on an impactful mobile experience would be worth the effort in creating a direct booking experience that delighted guests.

We focused our UX and design execution on a mobile-first approach simplifying the experience to very distinct steps to find shows, select seats, and book tickets on the go. 

Maximizing Mobile

Mobile-first UX and design focus simplifies the experience to specific, intentional steps to help walk the user through the flow.

Mobile Section Selection

The mobile experience starts with section selection and provides focus states on the map as the user explores, providing context for where seats are located within the venue and helping break steps down into digestible chunks when real estate is limited.

Easy-to-Use Map

Map navigation is simplified by allowing guests to view a filtered section/seat list that references the map, or focuses the map in as much real estate as possible for users to pinch/zoom/pan freely.

The Hakkasan Light Grid

2: Maximizing the Screen

Full Desktop Experience

The old desktop seat selection flow lacked a modern experience and didn’t maximize the use of real estate to truly immerse the guests who are in the process of planning their trip.

The old seating map is small and constrained, making seat selection extremely difficult. Expanding the seating map to full-screen and maximizing the space makes the map easier to read and navigate. 


Full List of Available Seats

Displaying all available seat groups based on price range, section selection, and ticket quantity in one place simplifies and streamlines the process. 

Enhanced Map Navigation

Providing a venue navigator and seat-view images gives the guest more context as they select seats directly on the map.

3: FOCUSING on Conversion

Engaging Event Schedules

The old event schedule pages offered minimal information - so if a guest skipped the event detail page or is dropped directly into the booking flow from a deep link, they missed vital information that would help them know if the show was right for them. 

Event Detail Overlay

Adding an event detail overlay offers deeper descriptions, photo galleries, videos, and accolades to help the guest make an informed decision.


More Visual Experience

Adding a larger visual “poster” lets the user know where they are and improves the ability to feature a video trailer of the show without taking up valuable real estate at the top of the screen.


Superformula Creative Team
Nick Boes, Eva Kang, Geoff Roseborough


MGM Creative Team
Marc Bartell, Willy Bravenec


© Nick Boes
© Nick Boes