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MGM Resorts: Room Booking

Reimagining the room booking experience for the modern age.



MGM's booking flows were deployed on top of a proprietary, monolithic web platform that was missing critical documentation, developer tools, and end-to-end automation. Guests were dealing with a user experience that made it difficult to compare rooms and pricing across all of the MGM properties.

We researched, designed, and tested an all-new, simplified user experience for guests while keeping open the ability to explore without having to step out of their flow and start over. Users can more easily compare rooms and resorts, shop from a calendar with pricing built in, and find the guaranteed lowest rate available. Additionally, we transformed a monolithic architecture into a decoupled and open-source single-page application architecture.

MGM Resorts International

2020 - 2021


Design Lead, Animation

1: The User Experience

Improving Cognitive Overload

Information overload makes it difficult for users to quickly scan and find their path forward

Digestible Steps

We broke down the flow into simple digestible steps with clear actions forward


Premium Details

We reduced Room Card info to core details, removed promotional information, and used strikethrough pricing to indicate value quickly.

Clear Hierarchy

We gave the details a clearer flow of importance to allow guests to find the information they need at a glance.


2: Creating Clarity

Pricing Transparency

Users experience sticker shock when they’re hit with unexpected resort fees & taxes, especially when comparing prices with other sites like Expedia.

Crystal Clear Pricing

Pricing is displayed as clearly and as early as possible in the flow.


Explicit Fee Callouts

Displayed in the calendar and on resort cards

Realtime Pricing

The calendar persists throughout the flow to make pricing both transparent and comparative without losing your position in the flow.


3: Bringing it aLl together

Improving Comparability

Users are looking for the best bang for their buck by comparing experience and prices when shopping for a room with MGM Resorts.

Access to All Resorts

Created greater brand equity and more purchase opportunities for customers by displaying all resorts with respective pricing and offers for quick comparison.

Comparable Calendar

Instantly updated pricing on the persistent calendar when changing rates or resorts and other stay values to assist users with comparison shopping.

Resort Details

Gave users easy access to deeper resort & room details through full-screen overlays while decluttering the core steps to book.



A more transparent and simplified user experience combined with a modern technology stack has returned big results. We saw a significant boost in conversion rates and can iterate and release updates at a significantly higher pace to get even better results long term. 


Higher conversion


Added Revenue in 1st year


Increase in speed of deliveries


Releases in first year

Superformula Creative Team
Scott Baggett, Nick Boes, Eva Kang, Caroline Maxwell, Geoff Roseborough, Iesha Smith, Jimmy Walker


MGM Creative Team
Marc Bartell, Willy Bravenec, Tim Moore, Glenn Newcomer, Clay Stein


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© Nick Boes